Blurb: Mutual Fund Love Affair

This is a late a post but still, I would like to inform all of you, my dear readers, that as of 28 March 2014,, which I view as the first tech-start-up company in the Philippines that is geared towards real estate (and finance information) published my first article for mutual fund.

Read it here:
Mutual Fund Love Affair

Special thanks to Rodel Ambas, the lead content editor for giving me the opportunity.

That article, which I would love it to be, the primer for series of fun and engaging articles related to finance; mutual funds, stocks and the like.

Though, at this moment, I am at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of insider information, I would do my best to bring utmost coverage into our mutual fund topics.
Currently, I am at the mutual fund distributor level, end goal here is to reach the upper levels and rub elbows, pick brains and wine and dine with the country’s financial movers and shakers. As they say, if one would like to have a goal, better aim high to the stars!

Just to share, Gus Cosio is one of the people I admire in the financial industry. He is currently the President of FirstMetro Asset Management Inc. Its one of the top mutual fund companies in the Philippines.

I consider it fun seeing a lot of Filipinos writing and sharing about finances, people like Randel Tiongson, Francisco Colayco, Bo Sanchez & a RE/MAX colleague, Larry Gamboa… they all basically have a common goal; educating and enhancing the Filipinos financial IQ.

I am very eager to see someone in the near future to come up with an innovation in investment management. It is obvious that the country is experiencing a boom in the economy and almost all indicators point out to a much rosier economic outlook for this year 2014, I believe (gut instinct) that there is still something missing. Summing up the figures, it could quite possibly be concluded that there is still a huge margin of the Philippine working class that are still foreign to investing. OK, here’s a quick experiment to prove my point. Ask the 3 persons that you would meet in the next hour to define mutual fund, stock and give examples of each-their answer or the lack of it will prove my point.

I have heard, read and felt this phrase before: the rich gets richer,the poor gets poorer.

I view this phrase very differently than the rest if my peers, this may seem the least popular opinion but “the rich gets richer” because almost all of them tries to educate themselves how to gain more money than what they currently have. “The poor gets poorer” because (probably) they just accept their situation as it is and doesn’t do anything to get out of it or think of ways to find a solution to their problem.

I could passionately debate with anyone all day about the pros and cons and why my view is correct but that would just waste both my time and the person I will be debating with. Bottom line is this, All the normal, able, people in the world are given the same 24 hours in one day, no exception, it is how people would use that time that will distinguish or separate him/her from the crowd.

I remember mentioning to my book (before all the draft were lost due to an unfortunate incident):


Ponder on that:)



Apparently, Investment in the country is blooming. Based on the Bloomberg report (pun unintended) dated February 17, 2012; “THE BOARD of Investments (BoI) recorded nearly P4 billion worth of planned ventures qualified for incentives last month, a 14.6% increase from a year earlier.”

Basically, what this mean is that the Philippines is definitely gaining a lot of investment attention from our Asian neighbours, since Thailand had one of its worst flooding to date, disrupting the motor vehicle industry, Japan is shifting its car part manufacturing to our country.  Although this would be great for it would generate instant jobs for our countrymen, I believe this would only be temporary. A short-term investment on the part of Japan, nevertheless, a great boost to our economy.

Tourism is on the hot seat, gaining a lot of attention fairly because of the new Secretary & his type of management. As part of his all-out campaign plan, he had created a controversial, yet, in my personal point of view, ingeniously simple tag line: IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. As expected, a number of people had issues regarding this idea. I’ve read one of PDI’s columnists bragging about the significance it.

Judging by the numbers, the Philippines is definitely entertaining a lot of tourists nowadays. Helping the campaign is Puerto Princesa’s Underground River becoming one of the 7 wonders of the world. New international hotels are popping up all over the country signalling high demand to accommodate the rising number of local and foreign tourists. Northgate Hotel Ventures, Inc. for one invested Php 680 Million. HRM and Management students could look forward to having work placements once they have graduated.

Exports have also been improving, with Anflo Banana Corp. exporting Cavendish bananas worth Php 216 Million. If our weather system stays undisrupted by typhoons, you could look forward to export growth of Agriculture products.

Our Index is at 4,880.71 up 114.14 points or 2.39% as of the 17th, I am predicting the PSEi will most probably reach the 5k mark mid-year. The better our index perform, the better our economy will become. Great news for all sectors concerned, this would benefit all of us. A lot of new business and employment opportunities will be available to us.

Our inflation rate is very stable, staying at the 3.9% mark. Prices of the basic products and services will be fairly affordable for the working classes. Financial investments that earn 4% to 5% interest rates should be taken advantage of.

Since our country isn’t export dependent, expect little negative impact on all those financial troubles experienced by the western governments.

We have moved from being a third world country to becoming one of Asia’s emerging economies. The time is right for all of us Filipino’s to take advantage of this situation and not to stay idle by just riding the tide.

Micro-investment is the next big thing. Little money could earn good money if invested right.